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With greater frequency we have listened as customers would ask for manual locking front hubs for their Dodge Ram truck.

The primary benefit of the SpynTec hubs are reduced wear on the front drivetrain: the axle shafts and corresponding differential gearing are disengaged. Other benefits: fuel economy thanks to the elimination of 150-pounds of rotating mass, universal joint wear is all but eliminated and the bearing are serviceable whereas the OEM bearings are not.

All SpynTec™ Industries hubs start out as steel forgings and not castings like other manufacturers. Hubs are turned and sent off to the gear cutter for the internal splines and the gear cut external ABS tone rings. The hubs are finally bright zinc plated for a durable finish.

Spindle forgings are rough turned, heat treated, then final machined. This is the only way to guarantee a spindle with minimal run-out.

And rather than sending you a box of parts, SpynTec™ Industries partially assembles every kit. When your kit arrives, the studs and races are pressed in the hubs, spindle bearings are installed in the spindles, and axle slingers are installed on the axle shafts.

The SpynTec kit for your '10-'11 Ram 2500/3500 SRW truck includes:

  • Forged hubs with gear cut ABS tone ring.
  • Forged spindles with integral ABS sensor mount.
  • Includes all bearings, races , seals, and spindle nuts.
  • Premium locking hubs.
  • Wheel Studs
  • 35-Spline Stub Shafts
  • Installation Directions
Hubs will extend 5.75" past the wheel mating surface.

NOTE: If you are running aftermarket wheels or aluminum wheels, the wheels center bore needs to have a minimum 4.224" bore to accommodate the hubs.


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2010 Spyntech Hubs
Jun 6, 2021  |  By Rick
Instaleld the kit last fall, was a breeze, used a 4 1/8" holesaw on my factroy wheel hum covers, looks like it came that was from the factory. I have a LH failed drive axle joint with only 45K easy no off road miles, no more. Great feeling going down the road knowing all that unnecessary spinning mass is now setting still.

SpynTech Hubs
Aug 30, 2020  |  By Rick
Went together real well, high quality, everything is a perfect fit. Hole saw into my hub cab with 4 and 1/8" now cap fits on, looks like it came with the free wheeling hubs. My main reason was the unnecessary wear of all that rotating mass.

Install and Tech Information

Download Spyntec Hub Installation Instructions.pdf