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With the Geno's Garage DuroFoam driver side seat cushion for your '06-'09 Dodge Ram 2500/3500, we've addressed some of the shortcomings of the OEM cushion so you'll enjoy renewed driver comfort, great fit and superior durability. Fits trucks with heated or non-heated cloth, vinyl and leather seats.

With our DuroFoam seat cushion you get:

  • Higher quality, denser foam that won't collapse
  • We raised the left side of the cushion to match the right side
  • Reinforced the bottom to keep the cushion from sinking into the springs
Also fits 2006 to 2008 Ram 1500 Mega Cabs.

Includes detailed installation instructions. Installation is simple. Remove the seat (four 13mm bolts) and unclip the J-clips that hold the factory cloth seat cover over the seat cushion.

Replaces Mopar part numbers 5183037AA and 5180021AA.


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Service Parts
Mar 1, 2017  |  By Henry George Jr.
Helpful, prompt service and delivery.

2007 seat cushion
Mar 14, 2017  |  By Tommy Hunt
Drivers seat is as good as new!

Mar 26, 2017  |  By steve
Seat cushion fit perfect in my 06 megacab

Best Upgrade Ever
Apr 2, 2017  |  By Matt
This has to be the #1 upgrade ever to my truck. Everyone who has sat in the seat on the new cushion can not believe it is a Dodge seat. I will recommend this to everyone I know with a Dodge truck.

07 Ram seat cushion
Apr 21, 2017  |  By wayne kosolofski
I love Geno's Garage...and the bag of popcorn that came with my order. The new cushion took about 15min to install and is a perfect fit, and so much better than stock.Thanks!

Finally a fix
Apr 22, 2017  |  By Michael
Finally a fix for the dreaded Dodge Seat, I had a temp fix done to the seat 4 years ago. Once this seat cushion was installed, about 20 mintues of work, I could actually enjoy the driver seat again. Cushion is much firmer so when you slide out the cushion actually works on the bolsters.

Can I make it 6 stars?
May 6, 2017  |  By Jason Ray
Wow. What a difference. Old seat foam was wore down to nothing. Installed this and holy moly did it make a difference. This foam is absolutely worth every penny, and the replacement is easy as can be. Instructions were spot on. Really wish I would have done this sooner. Honestly one of the best upgrades I've done to my truck.

Seat cushion
May 8, 2017  |  By Dan
Perfect fit

Seat foam
May 20, 2017  |  By Sam
Awesome product, much nicer than the factory Mopar foam, has better density!

Very nice product.
May 22, 2017  |  By Mike Norman
Quality seat cushion. Well made, great fit.

seat cushion
Jun 1, 2017  |  By Mike Jones
the cushion worked great and sits even better. easy to install

Seat foam
Jun 2, 2017  |  By Andrew Patrick
Great product for the price. Made my seat feel like new. But there are some areas to improve upon. 1) there is no provision for retaining your factory heated seat element. I had to bore a hole in the foam to run the wire. 2) the front cover retainer is really difficult to remove and equally as tough to reinstall. Still haven't figured out how to hook it to the seat frame. The instructions should cover both items in detail. Regardless, I would buy the foam again.

Perfect Replacement
Jun 5, 2017  |  By David
As with anything from Geno's, fit was perfect. The seat cushion restored my drivers seat to better than factory new. Old foam was completely gone all the way to the seat frame. Geno's saved my rear end again....literally!

Dodge seat foam
Jun 28, 2017  |  By Mac T
Great product and fit. Better than OEM when OEM was new.

Great upgrade
Jun 30, 2017  |  By Tara
Installed in my 2008 2500 44,000 miles. Easy install good price. I found a YouTube video which it helped for guidelines. I am glad I didn't wait to do this. I wanted do it before the upholstery was warn. The factory cushion was already worn more than I expected.

Seat cushion
Jul 11, 2017  |  By Clay
Man this new cushion is awesome. Dodge should put these in from factory! Easy install

Seat Cushion GG-SC0609CL
Jul 31, 2017  |  By Joe Morehead
Love it. Better than new !!

Riding in comfort
Aug 2, 2017  |  By Chris Sandoval
I have a 2009 2500 mega cab. You don't have to remove the seat to replace the cushion, that just adds work and time. I was able replace it leaving the seat in the truck. Very easy installation, very firm and comfortable. Don't wait to replace your.

Sep 5, 2017  |  By DAN DWYER

Foam seat replacement
Sep 18, 2017  |  By John portor
Noticed the difference right away much denser foam and I installed it by not removing the seat. Worth every penny.

seat cushion
Oct 1, 2017  |  By Jeremy
The seat cushion for my 2006 is very comfortable and was an easy install. I would recommend this product.

Nice upgrade!
Oct 12, 2017  |  By Jim Wilson
Easy install. Took about 20 min. You don't have to remove the seat. Great fit, and way better than the original! Now, if you guys would just make a replacement cloth cover too, that would be great!

Great Seat
Oct 19, 2017  |  By Scott W Stamps
I was very pleased with the high quality of your driver's side seat for my truck. It seems to be of a higher quality than the original factory seat. The only problem, is that you don't offer one for the passenger side. So, now my wife complains that her seat is not as comfortable as mine. Whah! :-(

Seat coushion
Oct 23, 2017  |  By Carl Bone
Seat is good, instructions need to let people know to be careful stuffing he back of the cushion under the back of the seat. Tore the cushion a bit, but think it will be okay. Otherwise the cushion is awesome. Still trying to get use to having support on the left side of my seat again. It's been years since I've had that. Lol

service 5 star
Oct 30, 2017  |  By John Anderson
ordered cushion, it was delivered the next morning!

'06 CTD Seat bolster
Nov 8, 2017  |  By John Hylton
Product looks to be well made. I haven't removed the old one to compare, but I can tell from the way the left side on the existing one sags that this is a major improvement.

Dodge Cushion
Nov 9, 2017  |  By Kyle Basler
Haven't installed the cushion yet as i'm trying to figure out the best way to run the heated seat element, but by the look/feel of it, it will be a night and day replacement. Very happy!

Better than new
Nov 15, 2017  |  By Greg
I have been wanting to replace this for a while now. Finally did some research to find something heavier duty than OEM. This is a great replacement, easy to install. The entire seat design for third generation is terrible, but this makes it bearable

2006 Dodge RAM Seat Cushion
Nov 22, 2017  |  By David Campbell
Good quality and arrived promptly.

Great Upgrade!
Nov 27, 2017  |  By Gary Klemkowski
I bought this cushion as the OEM seat cushion was so worn the leather was tearing on the metal seat frame. My goal was to keep the leather from tearing anymore but to my surprise the best part was the increased comfort I experienced with this upgraded Genos cushion. I had no idea how crooked and uncomfortable my drivers seat was until I replaced the cushion with this one. Thanks Genos! I've told all my friends about this one.

Seat cover and cushion
Nov 29, 2017  |  By John Anderson
Was able to replace both cushion and cover without taking the seat assy out. Perfect fit.

2007 Seat Cushion
Dec 16, 2017  |  By Mark TAISHOFF
Big improvement over the OEM Seat Cushion. Instructions were vague, at best. But it can be installed without removing the seat from the truck; just look up some youtube videos. Would rate it a 5; except for the instructions

New Seat Foam
Dec 29, 2017  |  By Ryan Sauve
Just finished a 10 hour drive without a single stop with the Geno's replacement cushion and it was so comfy! Absolutely no soreness, i wish i would have replaced it years ago. 10hrs straight and ass felt no different than a drive around the block

great cushion should have done this sooner
Jan 13, 2018  |  By thomas
This is my second cushion replacement on my 07 2500. I used a OEM cushion or so I was told several years ago. I will say I don't remember it being that great even when it was freshly replaced. What do I think about Geno's Cushion? Initial impressions after just installing it are very good. It truly feels like a new seat, I don't remember thinking that the last time. Geno's got the firmness of the foam absolutely correct if you ask me. I hope it holds up well over the long term, only time will tell. It you're think about this don't hesitate just do it, you won't regret it.

60 minutes, really happy!
Jan 20, 2018  |  By Alex Viera
Took about an hour to replace it in my 2006 Ram. You don't have to take the seat out, just a little more patience. Really comfortable, wish I didn't wait so long to do it.

Initial installation and first thoughts review
Feb 10, 2018  |  By Sean M
20min to do with a little help from my 13yr old son ... Having a small body ait on the seat while you do up the cover fastening straps in the key to speedy install. Installed this new foam in conjunction with a new factory bottom cushion cover ...I have had the cover off previously so i knew the routine beforehand ... The new foam is definitely more dense than my old oem foam ... So comfy ...headroom is less than i had due to this sure will settle in.

Seat cushion
May 9, 2018  |  By Mark T
Well yesterday I got to install my new cushion from you guys' for my '08 ram. All I can say is super good as the old one was hurting me arse from the metal frame. Now I installed the new one and I am sitting higher and a lot more comfortable! The upgraded one from you guys' is tops. Thank you so much for a great product, anyone out there do not deny yourself this upgrade to your seats! Thanks Genos' .

Very pleased
May 18, 2018  |  By Paul
Fit and finish were awesome! Prompt and timely delivery! Added candy I. The package is a nice personal touch.

Great product
May 20, 2018  |  By ANDREW KNAPP
Quality replacement product and easy to install!

06 driver seat cushion
May 23, 2018  |  By Ryan L
Absolute great product!! The fit is amazing, easy to install. Way higher quality than oem

07 driver seat cushion
May 25, 2018  |  By Roy Pippin
Better than oem ... Hands down ... Fits perfectly

This is the second one I have done.
May 25, 2018  |  By Paul Wulff
i find this product very well put together and it has made a big difference in my truck and the other truck I put them in.

08' seat cushion
Mar 2, 2019  |  By Walt Hidalgo
Received both seat cushion & dashmat 2 days early. Dashmat fits perfectly with a little coaxing. Wow!!! Seat cushion does feel firmer than OEM. My cushion had some serious voids & occlusions at the base of 4 of the 5 bumpers located at the rear of the cushion. Albeit this is not a critical area for wear. Had they been anywhere else on the cushion I would have returned it. Liked the molded in seat control cutout, no second guessing. Fairly easy to R&R w/o removing entire seat from truck. Excellent service, quality products
Owner Response:We also had started to notice some voids Walt, and we have made it a point to step up the overall QC process on the entire manufacturing of the cushions. We are glad you liked the product and thank you for your business.

truck owner
Oct 21, 2019  |  By seth karpen
original cushions lasted less than 100k miles. Have ver 100k miles on this and itis like I just put it in

Quick and Easy
Nov 27, 2019  |  By Joel Sauter
Only had the truck a month and already unhappy with the seats. Found your upgraded seat foam and installed today. Took all of 30 minutes and man I couldn't be happier! Thanks for renewing my faith in my recent truck purchase. Now I love my Cummins even more!

Quick and Easy
Nov 27, 2019  |  By Joel Sauter
Only had the truck a month and already unhappy with the seats. Found your upgraded seat foam and installed today. Took all of 30 minutes and man I couldn't be happier! Thanks for renewing my faith in my recent truck purchase. Now I love my Cummins even more!

No need to remove seat
Feb 3, 2020  |  By Jason
Finally got this installed today, you don't need to take the seat out like the instructions say to. The two inside clips were a little tricky to get back on, but totally doable.

seat cushion
Feb 19, 2020  |  By Joe Lassonde
received this unit on President's day. It was an interesting install. The seat is now better than new. Very satiafied.

06 Dodge Ram 2500 Sest Cushion Replacement
Apr 22, 2021  |  By Brad
Excellent improvement, a must have. Huge improvement over the warn out OEM cushion. Watch the installation videos, they are very helpful, take your time. Well worth the money spent.

I should have done this years ago
Dec 8, 2021  |  By Dave
I am not one who writes reviews or comments online but this was the reason to do so. Today I replaced my drivers seat cushion and cover. The cover is an exact match. The foam, astounding! My pickup actually "feels" like a brand new truck and its got 456,000 miles. The video is incredible and yes you can easily do this. Yes, this is literally one repair where you will immediately FEEL the difference and surprisingly I am sitting up a bit higher. That's how shot my cushion was plus my cover had a huge hole.

Great cushion
May 27, 2022  |  By Steve
The cushion was replaced approximately one year ago. I could tell the old cushion was starting to break down as I was starting to feel the steel frame under the left padded side. The old cushion was crumbling apart. I wanted to change out the cushion before there was any serious wear on the seat cover. While the seat was out I painted the rusty seat frame. Indeed the truck seat feels like new. This is a great worthwhile upgrade.

Love it
Aug 3, 2022  |  By John Goodson
Great replacement, fit perfectly and easy installation.

Awesome Product
Apr 15, 2023  |  By Willie Graham
I installed this in my 2008 Ram 2500. It fits perfectly. I removed the four nuts holding the seat to the adjuster slide and had it back in in about 30 minutes. What a difference this cushion makes. I highly recommend it.

Driver side foam cushion
Aug 8, 2023  |  By Everett
Driver side foam cushion from Geno's was just the ticket. Covered it with an oem cloth seat cover I bought a few years ago and never used. Now the seat looks great and more important feels great. Geno's will get my business from now on. Top rate product and great service too.

I should have done this years ago.
Nov 14, 2023  |  By Clinton
Alright, I've owned this truck for 15 years. This is the second seat cushion I've put in. The first was OEM. I just drove 850km stopping only for fuel and feel great. Brand new I couldn't drive more than 4 hours without taking a break and even then my back would kill me. A drive like the one I just done would have left me with a sore ass and my back would be sore for days afterwards. It's rare that I write a review about a product and usually it's negative. This is one of those few times that I can't say enough good about something.

Install and Tech Information

Download Seat Cushion Installation Instructions.pdf