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Protect the dashboard in your '98-'02 Dodge Ram by covering it with the UltiMat. The UltiMat Dash Cover is soft molded to the exact shape of the dashboard resulting in a perfect fitting cover without stitching.

An UltiMat dash cover for your Dodge Ram helps to protect the dash surface from UV sun damage and/or covers blemishes and imperfections. It will also help reduce hazardous windshield glare, keep interiors cooler in the summer / warmer in the winter, and help reduce hazardous windshield glare.

We've tried all four colors of the UltiMat and DashMat. We strongly recommend the black dash covers as they do not glare into the windshield.

UltiMat and DashMat both provide a great fitting cover. The UltiMat is more expensive (about $20), but the UltiMats have a better contour to the dash and are heavier than DashMats. We sell more of the UltiMat (2 to 1 ratio). The choice is yours.

With the UltiMat you get a dash cover that features:

  • The best fitting, best looking dashcover on the market
  • A perfect fit on every ridge and curve of your dashboard, without seams or darts
  • Made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle punch carpet
Order an UltiMat today and see how easy it is to keep the dashboard in your Dodge Ram in top shape and help your truck keep its value.

'98-'02, 2500/3500
'98-'01, 1500


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Ultimat - Better sooner than later
Nov 15, 2017  |  By M
I just changed my dash top and I included an Ultimat as part of the change. In the past I have been reluctant to add a dash cover, however the Ultimat covers the dash top well and looks good. Hindsight, I should have bought one sooner ... rather than later.

Best interior purchase ever
Nov 10, 2017  |  By Darek Priddy
I was hesitant at first about putting carpet on my dash but it looks really nice and does a very good job protecting the dash and cuts the windshield glare.

Looks great
Sep 3, 2017  |  By Joe Blanco
I was afraid that this dash mat would not fit correctly or look good. I was wrong, it fit perfectly (no trimming needed) and it looks great. Eventually I'll replace the cracked dash and I'll put the mat on top for protection.

Aug 11, 2017  |  By Jeremy
This Dash mat is by far the best I have come across! Perfect fit even without using velcro to hold it down. I origionally ordered the light grey, but found it didn't match the grey in my interior. Geno's exchanged it with a black one at no charge and shipped it promptly. Fantastic customer service and a wonderful product!

Ultimat works great to protect your new dash
Apr 28, 2017  |  By Garrott Nalle
Very impressed with the coverage and quality of the Ultimat. Just remember that you may have to push the edges in between the dash and windshield to ensure a good fit. This product definitely helps cut down on glare and protects your new or old dash.

Great Paint for Interior
Apr 28, 2017  |  By Garrott Nalle
This paint goes on great and matches up perfectly with my current trim. I wish Geno's would make this product in house and/or offer a larger size or a bulk discount for buying several at a time. I would like to use this on all my interior trim to make it look new again.

Helps Keep Dash GREAT
Oct 13, 2015  |  By Elliott Richardson
I have 01 2500slt+ I have had the dash mat on for QUITE a few YEARS, my dash is in great shape .

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