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Vulcan Performance has developed this kit that enables '98.5-'02 Dodge Cummins truck owners to relocate the engine's problematic fuel transfer pump.

The kit consists of:

  • (3) M1206 - Metric Adapters w/seals
  • (2) PO166 - 3/8 push lock x 06 JIC swivel
  • (1) POE06 - 90 degree Push-lock swivel 06
  • (1) BRKT -Pump bracket w/2 self-threading screws
  • (1) EPH - 6 Foot extended pump harness and loom
  • 9 feet of 3/8" Parker fuel line
  • (2) 240486 - 08 x 3/8 male pipe adapters for Holley-4601
  • (2) RT - Ring terminals for Holley
  • (1) CLMP - 3/8 hose clamp
  • (3) CBLT - Cable ties
Detailed instructions show you how to move the fuel transfer pump from the engine to the frame rail. The benefits of relocation: the transfer pump is not subjected to continual engine vibration; the transfer pump is closer to the fuel tank and operates more like a pusher pump; should the pump fail, the pump is now very easy to access.

We worked with Vulcan to develop a simple and affordable kit to address the key point of lift-pump relocation. Vulcan tested the special Geno's Garage kit that uses a 3/8" replacement hose and only goes to the fuel filter. The result: Vulcan noted no difference in pressure as verified with his electric gauge in the cab of his truck, and with pre- and post-filter readings using a mechanical gauge. With the positive outcome of their test, we are pleased to offer this simple and cost effective kit for relocating the fuel transfer pump.

NOTE: Pump not included with relocation kit.

NOTE: The fuel line included with this kit is compatible with bio-diesel fuel.

NOTE: If you are relocating a FASS DDRP fuel pump with this kit, you will need to add the inline fuel filter FF5079 to your order.


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transfer pump relocation kit
Nov 23, 2016  |  By Chris MacNeil
I bought a Fass DRP and of course I want to do the beat job possible so I got the Vulcan relocation kit with the 3/8 line. Fits and works as it should. No worries about fuel pressure issues now.

Great product
Oct 28, 2018  |  By SAM E
Installed it on my 1999 Ram 2500, lift pump failed 1000 miles from home while camping. Changing the pump was so much easier than when it was on the engine block.

Install and Tech Information

Download Vulcan Transfer Pump Relo Kit.pdf