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Get easy access to the block heater cable and keep the plug clean by putting a Block Heater Bumper Plug in the front bumper of your '10-'18 Ram Cummins Diesel truck.

The Cummins Turbo Diesel engine block heater provided makes for quick warm-ups on cold mornings, but rooting around the bumper in cold, soggy weather to attach a power cord to a dirty block heater cable (if installed) can certainly discourage its use. That cable hanging freely from the front of your truck can also damage the paint and bumper.

Install a Block Heater Bumper Plug on your '10-'18 Dodge Cummins Diesel and you'll have the heater connection located on a fixed position right up front behind a spring-loaded flip-open, waterproof cover. To install, remove the old block heater cable from the engine block and plug the bumper plug cable into the OEM block heater.

  • Install the block heater plug conveniently in the front bumper
  • Plug is protected behind a flip-open, waterproof cover
  • Bumper plug comes with 6 ft. heater cable already attached for easy installation
  • No modifications required to your truck
  • Installation instructions included
The Block Heater Plug installs in the opening next to the passenger's side tow hook opening. If your truck is equipped with OEM tow hooks they will not interfere with the installation of this product.

All of the Dodge trucks with the Cummins diesel engine have a block heater already installed. It is located on the passenger side of the engine behind and to the left of the oil filter. Once you locate the heater, remove the black protective cap and install the heater cable.

NOTE: Will NOT work on '14-'17 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel or 2019 Ram Turbo Diesel trucks.


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Good addition
Nov 29, 2015  |  By hank
I have had this for about a year. Often I forget to unplug the block heater. This plug has held up to my stupidity. It looks better than just a cable hanging out there too. Seal keeps out the corrosion.

Dec 19, 2015  |  By Ron
I installed this in a couple of hours. I've used it several times now and I really like the ease of use and the protection of the plug when not in use. I made an ever so slight angle bend in a vise to get the parts to fit perfectly. I also used small strips of rubber between where the unit touches the bumper, to help keep it from sliding. It doesn't. Nice and solid.

Good Stuff
Jan 11, 2016  |  By Joe DeAngelis
Quick, easy, and clean install. Works perfectly!

Last order review
Sep 29, 2016  |  By Jim Romine
The parts ordered were perfect. I really like doing business with you folks. Jim Romine
Owner Response:Thank you Jim

Great Product!
Oct 2, 2016  |  By Cody
Awesome Idea! Works perfect and looks like it came with my truck straight from the factory!

Oct 20, 2016  |  By Brandon
Was told it was on back order and received it 3 days later. Easy to install and looks clean compared to a cord hanging from behind the bumper

Block heater
Oct 24, 2016  |  By chad
this is my 3rd block heater bumper plug add them to all the trucks I have owned from my 96 to my 04.5 now my 2010 cummins must have easy to install and makes it easy to plug in.

love it
Nov 1, 2016  |  By don
love it looks like rolled off factory with a bumper plug in

Works great
Nov 7, 2016  |  By chad A Hertz
I have installed this block heater plug on my 2014 3500. Fit is great. Looks factory. Not 100% sold on the rubber connection to the block heater with a hose clamp... I think I would like a threaded connection better, but this far this seems to work.

Works like charm. This is my 2nd one & 2nd Ram 2500.
Nov 9, 2016  |  By Clinton Chamberlain
Great product.

Great Part
Nov 11, 2016  |  By Chuck Seemann
Fit my 2013 Ram beautifully.

Heater Plug
Nov 19, 2016  |  By Drew
Fast delivery, Quality Part

Nov 26, 2016  |  By Tim
Very pleased with the product! Only minor issue I had is, the cord could be about 6-8"longer. Would of made it a better run trying to keep it off hot surfaces. Other than that, highly recommend this from Genos instead of factory.

Heater plug
Dec 8, 2016  |  By Chris Reynolds
Installed the heater plug on my 2014 6.7. Was easy to install. I did do it during a oil change so Iam not sure how easy it will be if the oil filter would be in the way. Does the job great

Fantastic service
Dec 9, 2016  |  By Steve Ellis
I ordered a block heater cord with bumper mount for my 2014 Ram. The next day I was notified that it was out of stock but they were expecting a new shipment at anytime and it would be shipped immediately. ( we've all heard that, right) two days later I was notified that it was shipping out and would be here in two days. Two days later it was on my doorstep!! Great customer service and honest service reps! What's not to like? Oh, and the product was as described and install was a snap with enclosed instructions! Class act Geno's garage

2016 Block Heater Plug/Box
Dec 10, 2016  |  By Tim
Well, after I ordered it I realized My truck already has a block heater attached. Not all do but mine did. I am not going to reroute the entire plug but will try and connect the current through the box. Check your truck, mine was hidden up under the bumper and connected. No where was I told until I looked for it on a your tube video "if" you have one its next to the passenger side tow hook on a zip tie. I will try and mount the box in the spring and modify to this unit it looks cleaner and easier to connect.

Block heater cable
Dec 19, 2016  |  By JIm
Installation was straight forward and as tight as expected. Would like to see a screw on connection for security rather than a plastic clamp ring.

12 Dodge Ram
Dec 20, 2016  |  By Michael Threet
Great product and works as advertised

Block heater assembly
Dec 21, 2016  |  By Dennis Mahnke
The outlet is awesome. The cord is good. Worked great this week on our sub-zero days.

Jan 3, 2017  |  By Norman
Purchased the bumper plug for the block heater on 2011 6.7L - love it! Hi quality, good fitment, works great. Keeps the plug from slapping around, plus clean and dry.

Block Heater plug mount
Jan 4, 2017  |  By Rick
I expected just a little better fit and finish for the extra dollars spent to mount the plug. The black flanges not match the contour of the bumper exactly and it would be nice if it was chrome instead of black.

Jan 9, 2017  |  By Matt
Easy install, great product

Jan 17, 2017  |  By Larry Wehrman
Item was on backorder, but was shipped within a week. Very pleased with service and product!

Great product
Jan 17, 2017  |  By Aaron Thien
I bought this for a 2016 Ram 3500 6.7L. It mounted up nicely and only took about 30 min to install. No more crawling under the truck. Should of come from the factory this way.

block heater bumper plug
Jan 19, 2017  |  By Derrick Anderson
Great product, looks nice on the bumper. was a little difficult to get it plugged into the block heater, but overall really easy to install

Bumper plug is the ticket
Jan 30, 2017  |  By Michael Borum
Easy installation and one-handed operation make this worth the 10 minutes it took to install.

Nice clean setup
Feb 11, 2017  |  By Tim
Great set up but tough install if you have big hands. Make sure truck is cooled down.

2014 Ram2500
Feb 14, 2017  |  By Michael
45 minutes to install, from the time ups dropped the package till I was cleaned up. Once I had it routed to the block, I stuck my arm thru the fender well to plug the cord into the block. The hardest part was the install of the retaining ring. Really clean plug at the bumper.

Excellet Product
Feb 16, 2017  |  By Joshua Byron
Easiest and very high quality product!!

Great product
Feb 26, 2017  |  By Tom
I love this product easily plug extension cord in looks great also

Bumper plug
Mar 8, 2017  |  By Chris
Tight, but easy 15 minute install. The plug is easily accessible on the bumper, and protected from the elements.

Great upgrade
Mar 14, 2017  |  By Taylor Hoffman
This product is easy to install, and works great at protecting the plug. Installed in two of our trucks

Block Heater Bumper Mount
Mar 30, 2017  |  By Craig Tanson
I wish the instructions were a little clearer with regard to the assembly of the bracket on the bumper. Also Suggestions on the best way to route the cable would be good. Other than this, It looks to be a great product.

Oct 3, 2017  |  By frank
Great product super fast shipping

Block heater cord
Oct 21, 2017  |  By Tommy
Great product easy installation Thanks

Block heater
Oct 30, 2017  |  By Paul
Super easy to install, just make sure you look at both sides of the directions as they apply to different year vehicles!

Block Heater Plug
Nov 15, 2017  |  By Tom Mihalic
I received the product in two days and it was exactly what I wanted. The only thing you need to be aware of is that the install in the bumper is very easy, but the connection to the block heater plug is very difficult to reach. I ended up having to remove my right front tire and then it was still tight. If you have a monkey for a friend, he might make the install easier. It hasn't been cold enough to try the heater yet.

Bumper plug
Nov 25, 2017  |  By Craig
Great product bumper mount fits perfect. Cord seems like it will last trying to get the plastic clamp tight was a bit of a challenge I think a threaded piece would fit tighter but overall great product works like a charm!

Great addition to my Ram!
Dec 7, 2017  |  By Carroll Dixon
High quality product,and easy to install.I have used it several times .

Block heater cord
Dec 31, 2017  |  By Don J.
Easy mounting on the bumper. No drilling. 20 minutes time.

Block Heater Cord
Jan 9, 2018  |  By Nathan Pierce
Works great. Easy install. Thicker gauge wire would improve product.

Stick with the stock plug
Jan 6, 2019  |  By BRENT
My wife bought this as a Christmas present and I just got done trying to install it. It is well built, but the socket for the block is push on rubber with a plastic clamp ring. I could not get the clamp ring tight to keep the plug from popping off. I removed the airbox and intake tubes to the turbo for room. I finally just said heck with it. The stock screw retainer is a much better solution.

Not worth it
Oct 26, 2019  |  By Kevin Geiger
If you have the factory plug stick with it. I thought this would give a clean easy way to plug in the block heater, after install, I wish I had just left the factory plug. Where the plug mounts to the bumper was very unclear in the photos. It basically sandwiches together with the bumper, but even after tightening the bolts it still isn't very tight, I can slide it along the bumper if I push hard on it.

Excellent product
Nov 27, 2019  |  By Mitch
Easy install. Took just shy of hour but that's only because it took 45 minutes to get the protective dust came from factory off. Highly recommend. Excited to get to use it.