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The A-pillar grab handle in '03-'09 Dodge Ram trucks is a known weak spot in the interior. Put too much weight on it and the mounting points will break.

This Grab Handle Repair Kit is for either the driver or passenger side has four aluminum bushings that reinforce the mounting points to help prevent the grab handle from breaking or to repair one that is already broken.

NOTE: This repair kit will only work if the mounting base is split. It will not work if the base is completely broken off of the a-pillar. They will also not work with new production A-pillars.


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Pillar Arm repair
May 12, 2018  |  By Robert Eric DiIonno
Excellent company... Great product for an obvious design flaw by dodge.. Excellent service and a welcome resource for Dodge Ram owners.

Dec 23, 2017  |  By Chris
The kit worked well. I ordered two more for my other trucks.

A pillar repair
Dec 19, 2017  |  By Wesley
Worked great

Grab Handle Repair Kit
Oct 24, 2017  |  By Steve Powell
This is an excellent product and it should last the life of the truck. Much stronger than the factory setup!

Grab Handle Repair Kit
Sep 18, 2017  |  By Tim Sims
Works great - used a Dremel to remove the tabs on the mount face and installed the kit without incident. It appears the tabs on the original mount are there to stabilize the mount on the curved surface of the A pillar. You might consider adding tabs to the end of the outside cylinder(would more than likely increase the cost) or adding a shaped washer(plastic?) to go between the outside cylinder and the A pillar.

Grab handle repair kit
May 23, 2017  |  By William Anderson
This product worked much better than I anticipated. Fit was perfect, instructions were clear and assembly was a piece of cake! You could just about hang off the grab handle now! Thanks so much!

May 19, 2017  |  By Michael Meyn
Works like it is supposed to

Grab repair kit
May 5, 2017  |  By Walter
Good product for weak design.

Grab Bar Repair Kit
Apr 30, 2017  |  By James Dickie
Excellent product, extremely easy to install, takes about 15 minutes. Wished I had ordered the kit for both sides now, but my passenger side rarely gets used, so later down the road I will do it as well. Highly recommend this product, a lot less expensive than a new grab bar. Who ever thought of this is a genius.

Mar 4, 2017  |  By Josh Sherbahn
These work great

Fixed my Handle
Feb 3, 2017  |  By Jason
This is a great kit to repair a broken grab handle. A lot cheaper than buying a new handle.

Did not fix
Dec 1, 2016  |  By Dave
This kit will not work if the bottom of the mount has snapped off completely like mine did. I can see how it might be a good product to reinforce a pillar that has not broken yet, but this item is listed as "repair kit". The factory bolt s don't even fit with this kit, as the instructions show.

Great aftermarket product
Oct 15, 2016  |  By Chuck
My A-Pillar grab handle broke completely off (2006 Ram). This kit made it rock solid. Should have came this way from the factory. Thanks Geno's

Install and Tech Information

Download A-Pillar Repair Kit Instructions.pdf